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Trans Valery

Sag ich dir am Telefon, Heidelberg



Monday: Non Stop - Non Stop
Tuesday: Non Stop - Non Stop
Wednesday: Non Stop - Non Stop
Thursday: Non Stop - Non Stop
Friday: Non Stop - Non Stop
Saturday: Non Stop - Non Stop
Sunday: Non Stop - Non Stop

I am Valery Trans G*rl who will surprise not only for her beauty, which is obvious, but also for the intensity that she proposes to you, for all that vice she offers you, so that you go crazy with her from the first moment. It is a very special temptation and you will fall into it delighted, because you have finally found a delicious and wild lover.
*** 22cm of real penis *** AKTIV + PASSIV
Get ready to experience the most succulent and special pleasures, the most delicious and exquisite, call me.

Bitte erwähne bei deinem Anruf, dass du mich auf Sexnord oder Seite6 gefunden hast.

  • AV safe aktiv (bei ihm)
  • AV safe passiv (bei ihr)
  • Bespreche ich mit dir persönlich!
  • Sag ich dir am Telefon
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